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The Divine Madness of Spring

by Sleeping Witch & Saturn

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Trogmunculus thumbnail
Trogmunculus Imaginative Post-Punk, such a unique identity and a fresh sound. Knife is by far one of the best tracks of the year. Keep it up! Favorite track: Knife.
c_brett thumbnail
c_brett Rarely does a band this fresh have such a cohesive, Gestalt vision of their identity and sound. Rather than burrowing deeper into one aspect of their intrigue, they decide instead to spray a sonic panoply over the variegated sounds of their garden. 

Sit under the sound and watch the garden grow, its bright bursts and muted, melancholic almost-mellowness enveloping you with a sense of alienated familiarity. Defenestrate your expectations; it's much more fun to give in to the Divine Madness.

Matt Leetz
Matt Leetz thumbnail
Matt Leetz What a spread! Some upbeat and catchy some dark and plodding. Every song is unique and stands on its own, but the flow between is there. Love it! Welcome to my heavy rotation (•ˇ‿ˇ•) Favorite track: Knife.
©ough©ool thumbnail
©ough©ool This has garage feel, I guess translating to some protopunk classic rock acts from the 70s era. Every repeat listen offers more detail, offering more variety than previously witnessed. It's instantly appealing Favorite track: Knife.
MikeH thumbnail
MikeH absolutely brilliant album. There's not a bad track on it.
Please, please do a physical release
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Carousel 04:34
Recognize where you’re standing Where you’ve been and where you are today Don’t forget what you’ve been given Should you one day give it all away So you’re walking on your hands now Looking away from something distant, faded All reminding of a million sighs Slowly burning out, you’re cruel and jaded I think something’s gotta give, now With all of the lies and second faces found Through the fire and dust I’m kicking Given the time away, it's working out If in this tangled life not living Is part of the passion, I jest “just send me on” An ancient dream, divine and twisting In front of the eye and I play my last song I am dancing in my head And there’s a storm outside the window And it’s in every tree and leaf that flutters I am dancing in my mind Sometimes it all rushes out of you at once And you’re left with a cold, cold calm So you say “how could I have been so…” I am dancing in my mind
What’s a right mind? What do you mean “get better”? Run until you’re down I’m a generator in the nights The night But then the cost It takes you down Run until it’s down You’re giving it away It’s in your eyes Roll your eyes Fighting it all the way down Any event might set Might slip, might seep in The punks are selling acid on the corner, San Francisco And every city is the same in the sun Every religion is the same in the sun And every religion is the same in the twilight I’m a generator in the nights
Good Heavens 03:34
My exaltation I cannot even count to ten Run my mouth, meet some people downtown I aim to pick back up again No need to worry I found a way to feel complete You can get it in tonight Never when you would like But you can get it so cheap Now you’re off chasing the light Man, you can’t kick it as easy as you’d like If that’s a matter of fact that you don’t address Go ahead and take what you find My precognition Says I can do it if I try You’re such a clown You don’t know how you sound Better to keep it all inside If I don’t worry I cannot let me down, you see? Please understand, I just do what I can I don’t see what else I could be Now you don’t know who, when, or why It’ll all be over and done with in due time But it can never be as good as it gets You left that moment behind
Knife 04:44
You talk too much I talk to no end That is to say We talk in circles And when I’m high I get sore I must admit I let the moment Take me o’er I lit me up Let it begin And O, for shame I am indebted and akin To some disguise From which born Was an affliction To the house of my adored And I confess a certain turn Unto my passing spirit and to thee Something came through When the wind blew snow from the trees I talk too much I talk in no Order and dissipate I walk in circles So I was high I got bored I must admit I let the fever Take me o’er You’d given up Not given in Deep into nothing They could feel it caving in To some demise I went forth And in my final hour I was something more And I confess That I did turn
“The sign of Capricornus is rough, harsh, dark, even blind; the impulse to create takes no account of reason, custom, or foresight. It is divinely unscrupulous, sublimely careless of result. "thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect."
Sally was in the back, Joanie was riding shotgun The moon hung high above the pines Charlie had a switchblade somewhere out of sight And a lucky strike kept behind his ear Joanie had a bad encounter with a man at a bar And millions more day after day and every night Some things are best kept black and white Erasing oil painted neon lighting flesh A silent horror behind her eyes Sometimes we don’t intend to prey on one another There’s a system for the sick and a practice for the damned When the post-impressive modern takes a toll on your mind You got to find a way to shake it or there’ll be another innocent one dead They pulled into the gravel driveway and approached the hollow house Lit a candle and checked the time To Charlie, her life meant nothing. Sally was just a toy. The clock had read 2:55 He told her to take the armchair He said “Sally, have a seat in the armchair” Well, that switchblade came a-swingin’ Sliced his throat, drained him dry
Are you still in denial? To think you would invite some truth I see you took the knife out I bet you’ll hand it right back, won’t you? “Could you attempt to smile?” Could you be any more in my way? Who were you as a child? I wish I could have seen, some days Think what you want and Say what you’re feeling Just keep repeating I know the days feel more like moments And every moment just turns to tears I try to tell you what it takes to break from this But you always bring it back to here TV on with the light out Do you hear anything that I say? You’ve got us all divided Keep acting like it’s all for our sake I’m leaving for the night, now I guess I’m checking out like you What did you want to fight about? You’re dying to break into my room You had your chances But they were fleeting No intervening If there were many more years for trying If there were any more time to lose Did you consider that the story would end like this By now it all depends on you I know the days feel more like moments And every moment just turns to tears I try to tell you what it takes to break from this But you always bring it back to here So I was once a child Why do you throw it all in my face? You’re gone There’s nothing but a life to waste This place is haunted I do believe it Nobody needs it Is this what you wanted? I think you need it Leave me to feel it I know the days just feel like moments And all the moments feel like years We take a step in some direction to dare I say bliss But you always push it back to here If all the days still feel like moments And every night brings you to tears Well there is nothing I can do to convince you of this But you’ve got to take the blame from here I know the days feel more like moments And every moment just turns to tears I try to tell you what it takes to break from this But you always bring it back to here
Ghost 04:16
Entertainment I want to get you there Well, you talk so sweet but it’s all you do I want to know what you want me to if you think I should Entertainment I want to get you there Well, you cut so quick and you know you do It’s all the same equation every decade or two
Dying like a bug a short rise and I’m falling like the sun Unsettled, unjust like the rent How could I care when I’ve been paying off the mess I’ve been in? A need of open arms, a needle in the skin A fortress on the surface, a feather in the center, a serpent in the pit A failed attempt to make a solid ball of fist I tried for days but I couldn’t scratch the itch A future wide awake, a present set to fit A fortress on the surface, a feather in the center, a serpent in the pit
Why right now? No, I couldn’t make it go up right now Oh, but I can make it alright right now Oh, if I could make it go on right now Oh, but I can make it and You might say that it all sits well We’re in the same position and I don’t know how But you cannot image, yeah well that’s makes two I’m dying to believe I could explain it to you But I’ve tried through all my life And it has never kept me sane And in all my time I’ve had a million amends to make You might say that know me well It’s not the same position and you don’t know how But then I can imagine that you sometimes do So why do I resist it if I don’t know you Well Round and back around Oh, if I could make it go on right now Oh, if I could make it go all the way Oh, it keeps ripping my heart right out Harder to anticipate now It’s all my time And everything I am today But in all my life It’s all the feeling that I can take You might say that you knew me well But I’m glad I quit trying to explain myself Well I like you, but the show inside Is a dream and thus enchanted by a starlit night


released September 9, 2022

Matt Vituccio- Guitar/Vocals
Rowdy Kanarek- Guitar/Synth
Anna Shaw- Bass
Alex Nelson- Drums

Engineered by Rowdy Kanarek
Mastered by Garrett Haines


all rights reserved



Sleeping Witch & Saturn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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